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What is a single application?

Kiini Initiative staff and volunteers make the donation process as simple as possible. You can always donate cash,school uniforms,sanitary pads,seeds,drip irrigation kits,water storage tanks.

Note that it is important to call Kiini team and confirm donation hours.

  1. Contact Kiini Initiative to let them know what items you have available to donate.
  2. Determine the best method for you to donate your items.
  3. Call +254726486923 or or

Why seed capital matters.

Lack of  seed capital hampers growth and development and leads to lack of capacity to meet basic needs.
Support a community group mostly women and youth to get seed capital to start micro enterprises.
Seed capital managed through a village savings and loans model where group members are advanced short term loans repayable with a small interest to form a revolving kitty with a potential to grow.

The nutrient bank

Regular supplies of vegetables for home consumption in marginal areas is affected by market supply and rain patterns resulting into nutritional defeciencies.
Establishment of kitchen gardens can go a long way in adressing this problem.
Household water will be used to irrigate the vegetables ensuring a steady all year round supply of high nutritional value vegetables for needy families.

Store water,store life

Water harvesting and storage is very critical in supporting human life.
However despite receiving substaintial ammounts of rainfall communities in marginal areas lack the capacity to harvest and store it.This leads to untold suffering during the periods of drought as they are forced to walk long didtances in search of the commodity.
A water storage tank will go a milestone in ensuring there is adequate water for domestic use.

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